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Pocketdex will help you discover more in the world of Pokémon Go! Find out how good your Pikachu is with our easy to use and safe auto-detection IV analyzer, Pokémon strengths and weaknesses, gym history and much more!

Auto-detect IV Analyzer
All you need to do is select the screenshot of a Pokémon and Pocketdex will auto-detect its CP, HP, Stardust, and determine its IV. It's that simple, safe and fast! Pocketdex also offers the ability to narrow down the IV possibilities with the appraisal comments—it's truly magical!

Check full stats with the best movesets for attack and defense for all the Pokémon that are available for Pokémon Go with a beautiful immersed elemental interface.

Gym Tracker
It can be tough to keep track of all your Pokémon that are in the gyms but with the help from Pocketdex, you can easily keep track by add your uploaded Pokémon with the gym name/location.

Key features:
  • Pokédex
  • Gym tracker
  • Advanced IV Details
  • Dynamic team interface
  • Auto-detect Pokémon IV
Coming Soon:
  • Raid stuff!
Pocketdex is available on the App Store Get Press Kit

What’s New in version 1.0.1:
• Sorts widgets according to IV
• Experimental auto-scan movesets
• Fixes main move button from sometimes turning blue
• Fixes auto-scan issue with double height status bar