Thientam Bach

Hello! My name is Thientam Bach (@Surenix) and I'm a freelance iOS Graphic Designer from Ontario, Canada. Since 2002, I have been designing with Photoshop and have recently learned how to use Illustrator. What sets me apart from everyone else is that I strongly believe in quality over quantity and not only do I know the tools and tricks of Photoshop, but I have a natural eye for design.

Having graduated from Design school in 2012, I have learned to work efficiently under stress while being able to complete almost all of my projects for clients with a high satisfactory level.

In my spare time when I'm not designing, I like to make long drives around town, skim through magazines/books and gather inspirational quotes, designs or anything I find interesting. When I am on the computer but not designing, I like to open Photoshop, Illustrator and tinker about with new patterns, colours and try to find the next breakthrough design trend. I pretty much let my brain go free!

In recent years, I've worked closely with many great people like Jay Freeman (@saurik), Ryan Petrich (@rpetrich), @evad3rs, Cyril Cattiaux (@pod2g), Steven De Franco (@iH8sn0w), Joshua Hill (@p0sixninja), Grant Paul (@chpwn), WorkflowHQ (@WorkflowHQ) and many others. If you haven't checked out my Portfolio section, please have a look! I aim for clean and simplistic designs.

I am currently working on @Pocketdex, a companion app for Pokémon GO with @freemanrepo and @sharedRoutine, ayeris and Vantaye and affiliates through Amazon.