We envisioned a DJ app that would look and feel realistic from the lighting source of the vinyl, textures, reflection on turntables arm and even the way you interact with the buttons and sliders.

The most difficult process was getting the right textures and details on the outer layer of the scratch board. Why? Because the circles had to be centered according to the main circle piece of the scratch board or else it would look deformed when it rotates while playing.

We also wanted to give that “hip-hop” feel with colours but not too much colours or it’ll just end up looking “cheap” and the best solution that I came up with is within the LEDs that’s being used throughout the app.

I can talk forever about the design process of this app but that’s only half of the app... slide over to the right and watch a demo of podDJ.

Available in the App Store by 2GLab

You put your item on the counter and the lady behind the counter says, "that'll be $42.24, please?".

You have several things to do now within the next 30 seconds such as take out your wallet and pay, take your iPhone or iPod touch, slide to unlock, launch the app (depending on how the app is, it might take a while to load), punch in the amount you just spent and what you just bought. It sounds like a lot, and by the time you pay, you might've forgotten the total.

I've designed Budg-it with several things in mind: Set and view daily limitation, alterations of inputting purchased amount, input purchased item, a way to quickly hide and delete purchase(s) and view history. All of this, with ease and always there on the screen.

Unfortunately, this app is no longer available in the App Store.

An app that serves only one purpose: Annoy the heck out of your friends and family in a sneaky manner.

With that said, my main focus when designing this app was the play and stop button, which is why I made it the largest thing on screen. With the large button, the user is able to sneak the device out of their pocket, almost never failing to press the button. In addition, placing the play and stop button a little above center, by nature, your thumb can easily move horizontally and press the buttons with ease.

Available in the App Store by Conrad Kramer.

Developer: Benno Krauss (@bensge)

auki is the best way to experience quick compose, quick reply, silent mode, stealth mode and more on your iPhone and iPod touch with meticulous design choices with what really matters most to the user.

Watch auki keynote

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Developer: Daniel Turner (@dcturner45)

When you think about it, the Lock Screen is the first thing you see when you turn your iPhone on, yet what you do in the Lock Screen is very limited—that's where atom comes in. atom extends the use of the Lock Screen by allowing you to choose the 6 most used applications to launch right from your Lock Screen. Getting to your favourite applications has never been so quick and intuitive.

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Developer: Alex Manzella (@ManzoPower)

MiniPlayer was redesigned from scratch so you can enjoy the great experience that is on the Mac, on your iOS device(s). Accessible from anywhere and any time, now searching for your music while you do other things you love like reading emails or texting friends will be even simpler. Comes in both dark and light skin.

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Developer: Benno Krauss (@bensge)

ayra is the best and fastest way to read, manage, access notifications and toggles right from your lock screen. Simply swipe down from the top of your lock screen to reveal the all-new beautiful view with your notifications and toggles and interact with each notifications with a single tap to reveal new launch, remove features.

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