Does Power require an Apple Watch?

You don’t need one, but it is recommended.

Will I receive battery notification on my iPhone?

Yes but you’ll need to tap ‘OK’ when you see this pop up:

I’ve enabled notifications but I’m not receiving any notifications.

Due to certain limitations, Power will check your iPhone battery life every hour and will only send you a notification when your iPhone battery is either fully charged at 100% or within +/- 5% of 90%, 50%, 20% and 10%.

Battery notification was working for me a day ago but now I don’t get notified anymore. Help?

Apps that are running in background tend to quit by design so just launch the app daily, at least once, for safe measure.

Can I add it to Glances?

Yes and it’s fast!

How accurate does it display my iPhone battery?

As accurate as the information shown on your iPhone.

Does Power know when I’m charging my iPhone?

Yes, with a thunderbolt.

Does Power know when my iPhone is fully charged?

Yes, with a plug indicator.

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